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About Us

The Legacy of J.M. Burguières

The J.M. Burguières Co., Limited was founded in 1877 from three sugar plantations. Jules Burguières, Sr., acquired land in St. Mary and Terrebonne Parishes, establishing a sugar empire. Today, the company’s main office is located in Franklin, Louisiana, with a satellite office in Lafayette, Louisiana, which houses the environmental department.

JMB Companies has operations in three states, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Under the leadership of Jules’ heirs, JMB Companies has a reputation for maintaining its assets and interests (primarily land) in first-class condition and for rehabilitating and preserving those assets it may acquire. As a family company, JMB has the advantage of building for the long term. Management is not as concerned with quarterly results as it is with growth and steady returns.

JMB Companies continues the legacy of Jules Burguières Sr., by maintaining a large portion of land in agriculture. The current board of directors and management are exploring other operations of business, which now includes wetland mitigation banking.