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The J. M. Burguières Co., Limited celebrated 140 years as a corporation in 2017. It all began with Eugene Denis Burguières, son of Jean Baptiste and Catherine Pauline Lallamand Burguières, originally from Paris, who came to America in the early nineteenth century, settling in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

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History-7.jpg 1873-1898

JMB, Sr. acquires land in St. Mary and Terrebonne Parishes, establishing a sugar cane empire. He is the sole manager of the business, run as a private, solely owned enterprise.

History-2-400.jpg 1877

JMB, Sr. purchases William F. Weeks' Cypremort Plantation and sugar mill for $90,000.

History-5.jpg 1901

Three brothers, Joseph E. Burguières, Jules Martial Burguières, Jr., and Denis P. J. Burguières incorporate the family enterprise as a Louisiana corporation -- The J. M. Burguières Company, Limited (JMB Co., Ltd). Stocks in the family business are distributed among the children of JMB, Sr.

History-9.jpg 1916

JMB, Jr. acquires an interest in Southern States Land & Timber Company, which sold ranches on a vast tract from Okeechobee Boulevard north to the St. Lucie Canal in Florida.


Tender offers made by the JMB Companies to the remaining shareholders of Southern States Land & Timber Company result in the acquisition of 100 percent of Southern States Land & Timber Company stock ownership.

9781496815866.jpg 2005

The JMB Land Company, LP, is formed, consisting of three ranches in west Texas, totaling 51,225 acres.

For an in-depth look at the history of the Burguières family, check out The House That Sugarcane Built written by Donna McGee Onebane.

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