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Mitigation banking

JMB specializes in the establishment and operation of wetland and conservation ecological offset sites, and our expert staff provides high quality services and solutions that meet all of our clients’ mitigation needs. View our Mitigation Bank Map

Don’t see your service area? Let us build a mitigation bank for you.

Wetland mitigation banks are a specialty of JMB. According to the National Mitigation Banking Association, Wetland Mitigation Banking is the restoration, creation, enhancement, or preservation of a wetland, stream, or other habitat area undertaken expressly for the purpose of compensating for unavoidable resource losses in advance of development actions, when such compensation cannot be achieved at the development site or would not be as environmentally beneficial. JMB’s expert staff provides high quality services and solutions that meet all of our clients’ mitigation needs. These services cover all facets of mitigation banking: site selection and project feasibility analysis, bank permitting, bank design and construction, bank monitoring and maintenance, and offset mitigation credit sales.

JMB specializes in the establishment and operation of conservation mitigation banks. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, “Conservation banks are conserved and permanently managed for species that are endangered, threatened, candidates for listing, or are otherwise species-at-risk.” Conservation banks function to offset adverse impacts to these species that occurred elsewhere, sometimes referred to as off-site mitigation. JMB’s expert staff can provide quality conservation mitigation services and solutions that meet all of our clients’ needs. These services cover all facets of conservation banking: site selection and project feasibility analysis, bank permitting, bank design and construction, bank monitoring and maintenance, and offset mitigation credit sales.

JMB’s commitment to the success of our clients’ projects includes fairly priced mitigation credits to any size client and quick and efficient service in solving our clients’ needs. We also offer our clients the opportunity to reserve credits for their future projects. Stephanie Clement ( today to inquire about the wetland and conservation mitigation credits we have available.

JMB can also build a special mitigation project, known as a Permittee-Responsible Mitigation Plan (PRMP), if credits are not available for our customers.

Property used for farming, ranching, and timber operations or similar agricultural purposes has great potential to be a wetland mitigation bank. Joint-venture opportunities with JMB offer landowners economic incentives to protect natural resources while retaining their ownership rights. To work with a trusted partner with an experienced staff who can navigate you through the mitigation bank approval process, please contact JMB today to inquire about a mitigation bank joint-venture opportunity.


Natural Resource Consulting

JMB’s reputation of natural resource and land management excellence continues into the wide range of natural resource consulting that we offer. JMB’s knowledgeable staff is experienced in all facets of wetland permitting and land management consulting and can provide your business with a one-stop, start-to-finish permitting service. We can assist with all phases of a mitigation bank, custom mitigation projects (Permittee-Responsible Mitigation), wetland delineations, regulatory permitting, and mitigation bank compliance.

JMB’s habitat restoration team assists clients and landowners in restoring damaged or under utilized tracts of land to beneficial, self-sustaining ecosystems. JMB’s project managers specialize in the prospecting, development, regulatory permitting, construction, and post-construction monitoring of habitat restoration projects. Our team has experience dealing with a wide array of wetland habitat and ecosystem types such as Bottomland Hardwood Forest, Cypress Swamp, and Tidal Fresh Marsh. JMB can also assist in Threatened & Endangered Species Habitat Mitigation Solutions for our clients.

JMB’s consulting staff has decades of experience and is able to provide comprehensive permitting services for you. For years, JMB has managed wetland mitigation banks to provide wetland credits as mitigation to offset impacts. To assist in the whole project development process, we also provide consultation for planning projects that have wetland impacts.

Services provided:

  • Natural Resource Compliance
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Wetland Regulatory Compliance
  • Section 10 and 404 permitting
  • Nationwide, General, and Individual Permitting
  • Oil and Gas
  • Permit to Drill
  • Permit Amendments
  • Work Permits


Custom Mitigation (PRM) is a viable and cost-effective option for large projects when mitigation banking or ILF options are unavailable or not feasible for a project. JMB’s staff can guide your project through the nuances of state and federal regulations to get your PRM project up and running. Our team is experienced and skilled in the planning, design, construction, and monitoring associated with developing PRM projects. Contact us today to learn more about our custom mitigation services.

To learn more about any of our mitigation banking services listed above contact: and check out our Mitigation Bank Map to explore our locations.

A wetland delineation is performed by the applicant or its consultants to determine the location and size of section 404 wetlands or waters of the United States on a specific tract of land. The wetland delineation is then sent to the Army Corps of Engineers who ultimately determines what is or what isn’t a wetland or waters of the United States by issuing an approved or preliminary Jurisdictional Determination (JD). JMB biologists have the skills to analyze the vegetation, soils, and hydrology of your property to determine what is or is not a wetland.

Our turn-key service provides our clients with a wetland delineation report and guidance with the regulatory process to receive the JD quickly and efficiently.

The extensive knowledge of JMB’s staff in all aspects of mitigation banking makes us experts in navigating through the process of keeping mitigation banks in compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers. If you are experiencing compliance problems or just want someone to handle your compliance needs, contact JMB for expert solutions to mitigation bank compliance issues.

Agriculture, Surface & Hunting Land Leasing

Through the acquisition of property over time, JMB’s Agriculture and Surface Leasing Business Unit actively markets and maintains leases on acreage in Louisiana and Texas. JMB has significant holdings along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in south Louisiana with highway and rail access which provides opportunity for the development for a wide variety of commercial and recreational interests. Currently, JMB lands are used for hunting and the collection and transportation of various sources of energy. In 2005, JMB moved into Texas with the purchase of over 33,000 acres of land in west Texas where JMB maintains cattle operations and leases for a variety of industries. See our surface lease interactive map for more details.

Mineral Interests

JMB’s Mineral Rights & Leasing Business Unit specializes in all of the company’s mineral rights and surface rights holdings in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. JMB’s lands contain significant oil and gas reserves that the company actively markets and maintains leases on. JMB also leases its interest in the Cote Blanche Island salt dome to North American Salt Co., a division of Compass Minerals. In Florida, Southern States Land and Timber is responsible for the sale and lease of minerals and surface access rights interests in south Florida. JMB’s interest in west Texas contains an extensive fresh water aquifer which is available for use.