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Mineral Operations

Mineral Operations

Mineral Rights & Leasing

JMB’s Mineral Rights & Leasing Business Unit specializes in all of the company’s mineral rights and surface rights holdings in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. JMB’s lands contain significant oil and gas reserves that the company actively markets and maintains leases on. JMB also leases its interest in the Cote Blanche Island salt dome to North American Salt Co., a division of Compass Minerals. In Florida, Southern States Land and Timber is responsible for the sale and lease of minerals and surface access rights interests in south Florida. JMB's interest in west Texas contains an extensive fresh water aquifer which is available for use.

Oil & Gas Leasing

Our holdings in Louisiana and Texas contain significant oil and gas reserves. Some of our holdings are currently leased to independent and major oil companies and are currently producing oil and natural gas. We are constantly working with exploration companies to drill on our holdings which have not yet been proven to have oil and gas reserves. We have additional prospects with seismic data available for lease.


Salt Mine Leasing


JMB has a 3/8th undivided interest in the 1,600 acre Cote Blanche Island in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. The island has an active salt mine that has been in operation since 1962 and currently produces over 2 million tons of highway de-icing salt per year. The mine is leased to North American Salt Co., a division of Compass Minerals, and is a major employer in the area.


JMB's ranch acreage in west Texas contains extensive fresh water aquifer resources which will provide future prospects for the company. This groundwater in the Hovey Trough beneath the ranches has been tested to be of high quality and is suitable for municipal use. Also, more Texas communities are exploring the idea of storing water in aquifers for future use. The basic concept of the technology is to inject fresh water into aquifer storage hundreds of feet down and pump it back up when it is needed. Proponents say that this reduces evaporation and is cheaper and faster to build than surface reservoirs. There are currently three such Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) projects operating in Texas. The Hovey Trough is believed to be ideal for this purpose.


Mineral & Surface Access Rights

Visit Southern States Land & Timber

In south Florida, JMB owns minerals and surface access rights interests in 277,000 acres. JMB sells surface use waivers or complete surface releases of its surface rights to interested parties and will also sell its mineral rights. Interested parties should visit our Southern States Land & Timber Company website or contact Stephanie Clement at 337-347-8900.